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Article | Integrated circuits design

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs)

Integrated-components design

Published on 9 March 2016

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Each year, nearly 50 new integrated components are designed at CEA Tech institute Leti. The institute brings world-renowned know-how in analog, RF, digital, memory, and integrated hardware-software design. The institute is also leading the way in complex SoC (System on Chip) architecture and very-low-power component design.

Leti possesses all the know-how required to design integrated components like sensors, imagers, and SoCs at technology nodes from 180 nm to 22 nm (FDSOI).

The institute's work also encompasses CAD tool development for integrated-component design, as well as emulators and characterization and testing equipment.

The Silicon Impulse program, set up in 2015, supports manufacturers with all their product development needs, from concept to manufacturing, helping speed up time to market.



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