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Published on 29 April 2016



The technological innovation showroom highlights the latest technologies developed by the four CEA Tech institutes: Leti, Liten, List, and the CEA Tech regional tech-transfer platforms. The Grenoble showroom, for example, boasts 90 demonstrators in an interactive, educational exhibit that is updated regularly. This 400 sq. m showroom welcomes 4,000 visitors per year, from industrial and institutional decision-makers to the general public.

The demonstrators show how the latest innovations could be integrated into products in industries as diverse as healthcare, in-home technologies, mobility, and energy. Tours vary in length and technical difficulty depending on the group of visitors. Professionals from industry can end their tour with a creativity session facilitated by innovation experts. A multidisciplinary team builds the demonstrators and designs the exhibits, leveraging know-how in mechanical engineering, electronics, 3D prototyping, design, and  sercentered innovation to make the technologies accessible to a broad audience.

 The showroom also showcases startups created by CEA Tech researchers and the results of successful joint R&D projects with industrial partners.
Since 2014 the Grenoble showroom has run off-site exhibits across France and internationally to provide an even broader audience of businesses
with access. A travelling showroom has also been created for trade shows.


90 demonstrators illustrating the technologies developed by CEA Tech; 20% new demonstrators per year.


(Grenoble showroom)
  • 400 sq. m of exhibit space
  • €2 million invested
  • Nearly 4,000 visitors per year from around the globe; 40% of visitors are potential industrial partners


Grenoble (2005); travelling showroom, Paris-Saclay (2014) ; Metz, Toulouse,
Tokyo (2015) ; Bordeaux, Nantes, and Lille (2016).

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