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Smart digital systems

Advanced manufacturing

Published on 15 April 2016


Digital transformation is driving change in the business world. It is also providing new opportunities to enhance business competitiveness. Digital technologies have the capacity to modernize production systems of all kinds, delivering cost savings, making design processes more efficient, and improving the effectiveness of maintenance and training. CEA Tech institute List is the only research organization in France to possess broad, deep knowledge of all the emerging issues relevant to advanced manufacturing. The institute’s work encompasses modelling and simulation, knowledge engineering, massive data processing, smart vision systems, complex information and communication systems, and sensor networks.

The institute develops and integrates into systems a wide range of technologies and software, cutting across the barriers that typically separate the disciplines involved. List also leverages its experience in nuclear research to drive renowned advances in non-destructive testing (NDT) through innovative simulation and instrumentation.

List also conducts R&D in collaborative robotics, designing precise, safe force-controlled robots capable of assisting human operators with difficult, repetitive, or sensitive tasks.

Finally, the institute develops interactive modelling and simulation software that integrates virtual reality capabilities, as well as tools for augmented reality applications.


The advanced manufacturing platform is housed in a 2,000 sq. m facility and staffed by 200 researchers and technicians. Manufacturing companies turn to the platform to make their production systems more agile and responsive, boosting performance and quality. The platform is home to a full range of equipment, including the GERIM2 non-destructive testing lab, an interactive robotics lab, an immersive virtual reality room, a real-time interactive simulation environment, and software to model and execute complex production systems and industrial IoT solutions.


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