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Manufacturing and retail

Luxury goods and cosmetics

Published on 16 April 2016


  • Apparel designers and manufacturers
  • Designers and other creative professionals
  • Luxury goods manufacturers and distributors (wine and spirits, hotels, automotive, boating)
  • Textile manufacturers

The apparel and luxury goods industries occupy a unique position between tradition and innovation. Manufacturers in these industries must constantly strive for excellence in the products they offer while addressing specific manufacturing, packaging, marketing, and sales challenges. CEA Tech offers a wide range of advanced technologies that meet these needs.

CEA Tech’s materials research is crucial. Today’s manufacturers need high-performance engineered materials (bio-inspired, bio-based, functionalized with sensors or LEDs, or embedded with anti-counterfeiting authentication stamps). CEA Tech is also working on manufacturing and surface-treatment processes to meet the ever-present need for sustainability. Finally, CEA Tech’s online data-mining and virtual and augmented reality technologies have the capacity to drive effective, personalized marketing.