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Powder metallurgy

Published on 29 April 2016


Powder metallurgy is sometimes the only technique capable of producing parts with very specific properties, from complex shapes and hollow, lightweight structures to dielectric components with high thermal conductivity, high-performance magnets, and multi-material assemblies.

Additive manufacturing techniques like powder metallurgy can also be used to make more efficient use of raw materials by producing parts almost exactly to specifications, reducing machining waste.

Researchers at CEA Tech institute Liten have developed a very comprehensive range of technologies covering the entire value chain, from powder formulation to implementation using a variety of techniques including injection, mechanosynthesis, hot isostatic pressing, 3D printing, and flash sintering.

Liten researchers leverage the Poudr’Innov 2.0 platform for this research. The platform is home to a cleanroom used to make materials to the highest purity specifications as well as special equipment to process magnetic materials.



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