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Design and clinical testing "Clinatec"

Published on 29 April 2016



The Clinatec research center brings together engineering and medicine in a whole new way, leveraging advances in micro and nanotechnology and electronics for safer, faster clinical proof-of-concept testing of innovative medical technologies. The center’s 80-person multidisciplinary research team is united in achieving a shared goal: to better prevent, diagnose, and treat neurodegenerative disease and cancer and offer enhanced quality of life to sufferers of significant motor handicaps.

The center is drawing on deep brain stimulation (DBS), a Parkinson’s treatment developed by Dr. Alim-Louis Benabid in the 1980s, to come up with an implantable device that would use light to stimulate the brains of Parkinson’s patients. Clinatec is also working on cancer, developing systems to safely explore damaged tissue and better identify biomarkers and targets for new cancer drugs. Finally, the center is striving to help tetraplegics regain the use of their limbs through brain-computer interfaces.



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