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Solar photovoltaic

Published on 29 April 2016


The vast majority of CEA Tech institute Liten’s photovoltaic R&D focuses on crystalline silicon, the material used to make PV cells. The technology currently has a market share of 90 % to 95 %.

The institute’s research addresses the entire value chain, from the raw material to the cell and module. The goal is twofold: bring manufacturing costs down and boost PV cell and overall system yields. One of Liten’s flagship research areas is monolike silicon production; this material offers the yields of monocrystalline silicon and the cost savings of polycrystalline silicon.

From module encapsulation with lightweight, flexible, and recyclable materials through to the integration of smart self-troubleshooting and safety capabilities, Liten’s know-how spans a broad range of PV-related issues.

Liten is also working on organic PV cells for niche markets.



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