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Manufacturing and retail

Supply chain and retail

Published on 18 April 2016


  • Manufacturers of supply chain equipment (labels, sorters, driverless vehicles, warehouse materials and equipment, drones)
  • Supply chain/logistics integrators and service providers
  • Retail
  • All supply chain/logistics professionals

The Internet of Things (IoT) is making headway in the supply chain industry, gradually reducing the number of middlemen between manufacturer and customer. This is creating new challenges like product traceability from design to use, personalized customer service, more efficient shipping, and smart inventory management. These challenges are compounded by harsh environmental requirements.

CEA Tech’s research covers all these issues, with key technologies like RFID tags to track and locate products, flexible electronics for smart warehouse and POS shelving capabilities, image analysis systems for automated inventory, collaborative robots to make product handling safer and easier, battery systems for electric vehicles, and advanced software for more efficient processes.