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Renewable energy and Energy efficiency

Hydrogen production and storage

Published on 29 April 2016


Hydrogen is both clean and infinitely available, making it a prime candidate for tomorrow’s energy solutions across a broad range of industries. Currently, however, hydrogen is mainly produced using fossil fuels. CEA Tech institute Liten is working to overcome this hurdle, and has developed a hydrogen production system using the high-temperature electrolysis of water vapor. The system’s exceptional yields—greater than 90 %—place it at the global state of the art and open the door to a range of new possibilities for the technology as a potential solution to smoothing out intermittent renewable energy production. The system can also operate in reversible mode, making it an “energy hub” that can deliver either hydrogen or electricity and heat.

Liten has also developed a low-pressure solid-hydride (more stable than pressurized gas) hydrogen storage technology, and Liten researchers are currently working on a tank that would enable “on demand” hydrogen adsorption/desorption and investigating ways to pair the tank with a fuel cell.



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