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Blockchain enables real-time audits for food manufacturing

​Connecting Food and List, a CEA Tech institute, have joined forces to improve quality control in the food manufacturing industry. Their solution, which leverages blockchain technology, can certify the monitoring of products from the production line to the consumer's refrigerator.

Published on 4 May 2018

Blockchain, originally used to manage cryptocurrency, is an unfalsifiable, collaborative, transparent, secure information storage technology that is not controlled by any given organization. Connecting Food wanted to use blockchain to increase consumers' trust in the food manufacturing industry. The startup partnered with List to develop a real-time product auditing solution to meet the brand's specifications.

List plans to use an incentive model to encourage food manufacturing stakeholders to provide data for the system and, by doing so, overcome one of the technology's disadvantages, which is that it is sensitive to how responsive users are in terms of collaboration.

List also brought extensive knowledge of formal verification methods to pin down the associated business processes and specifications. The institute used artificial intelligence to generate alerts in the event of conflicting events from different sources. The end result is a collaborative auditing system in which each action is certified.

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