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Human health and the environment

Silver economy and assisted living for the disabled

Published on 11 May 2016


  • Developers of innovative assisted-living products, services, and solutions for the disabled
  • Manufacturers that integrate new technologies into their products
  • Home automation product and service providers
  • Transportation equipment manufacturers

The population is aging at an unprecedented pace, and the pressure to adapt our urban environments to meet the needs of the elderly and disabled is growing. CEA Tech is developing innovative technologies that can help adapt people’s day-to-day living environments to these emerging needs, providing greater safety, independence, and wellness while protecting patients’ personal information.

CEA Tech works closely with product and service providers and users to develop secure, reliable assisted-living solutions like innovative home automation systems, targeted monitoring and alarm systems (like fall sensors), connected technical assistance systems (robotics and automation), efficient energy-management solutions, and solutions to enhance mobility and reduce social isolation.