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Human health and the environment

Public health and the environment

Published on 18 April 2016


  • Manufacturing and food industries
  • Quality-control systems manufacturers
  • Quality-control and certification organizations
  • Depollution, water management, water treatment, and waste management organizations
  • The farming industry

Mitigating the impact of environmental factors like air and water pollution on public health is one of today’s major challenges. CEA Tech is addressing this challenge in three ways. First, CEA Tech is developing different types of sensors to analyze pollutant concentrations and detect and monitor specific gases and particulate matter so that alerts and corrective measures can be set up if a given threshold is exceeded.
CEA Tech is also helping to develop carbon-free energy sources (PV solar, solar thermal, and embedded batteries to promote the widespread adoption of electric vehicles, for example) with the overall goal of reducing the pollutants released into the atmosphere. Last, CEA Tech has built up specialist knowledge in nanosafety and protection to limit the potential impacts of nanomaterials handling and implementation on public health throughout the product lifecycle.