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Modernist serum n°4 - CAPSUM

Published on 16 April 2016



For a cosmetic to be effective, its active ingredient must be sufficiently well-protected to penetrate the skin and interact with cells. Modernist Serum no. 4 is setting a new standard with nanovector encapsulation to protect active ingredients and deliver them to specific cells.


The active ingredient is encapsulated in NeoGouttes Target™, a biodegradable lipid-based nanovector with a hydrophilic membrane that can target specific cells. The product can encapsulate up to 70% of its weight in active ingredients. And, with a diameter of around 100 nm, NeoGouttes Target™ penetrates the skin easily to reach the desired cells.

Leti transferred its nanovector technology to cosmetics science company Capsum in 2010. Capsum encapsulates active ingredients for its customers and manufactures its own line of products. The same nanovector technology is also used to carry drugs to specific organs.

Leti’s nanovectors do more than just protect active ingredients. They can be used to target delivery to specific cells by grafting a biomolecule onto their surface.

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