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Optics and photonics

Silicon photonics for high-performance computing

​In research conducted under the EU PLAT4M project, Leti, a CEA Tech institute, helped develop a new silicon photonics platform addressing optical communications for high-performance computing. The developments will reduce component costs while improving speed and energy consumption.

Published on 16 November 2017

In photonics, information is carried by photons. Light is emitted by a laser at a given wavelength; a modulator then generates a pulse, which travels through a series of passive components before being transmitted by optical fiber to a receiver for conversion into an electronic signal. The EU PLAT4M project is focusing on this type of optical transmitter-receiver system.

Leti, a member of the PLAT4M project consortium, helped to develop a new silicon photonics platform suitable for short-range (between servers within a data center) optical communications. The technology is mature enough for industrial scale-up. The 200 mm pilot manufacturing line developed can be used to make passive components, detectors, modulators, and integrated lasers.

In addition, Leti developed an open-access multi-project wafer service to provide businesses with easier access to photonic component manufacturing resources and transferred the service to the CMP service center for rollout.

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