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Nanocharacterization platform stays at the cutting edge

​The Nanocharacterization platform’s two Titan transmission electron microscopes recently received some major upgrades. They now provide more than just images, delivering detailed information on the chemistry of the materials being analyzed.

Published on 1 June 2017

​The Nanocharacterization platform’s (PFNC) partner labs are committed to regular equipment upgrades to ensure that the facility remains at the international state of the art. This year, the platform’s transmission electron microscopes (TEM) were upgraded with some new capabilities.
The Titan Themis TEM was outfitted with two spectrometers, which, when used together, can provide additional information on the chemical makeup of the materials analyzed. They can also give researchers insights into materials’ chemical bonds and optoelectronic properties with atomic-scale resolution.
The Titan Ultimate TEM, which holds the world record for spatial resolution at 50 picometers, got its own ultra-fast CMOS camera. “When the camera is used with an instrumented sample holder, it can be used for both in situ and in operando observations,” said one researcher. “This is useful for observing dynamic phenomena like atom movements on 2D materials like graphene and phase-change materials like those used for memory.”
The platform’s three partner institutes need these advanced observation capabilities for their work on batteries, fuel cells, photovoltaics, microelectronics, and power electronics, for example.

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