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Semiconductor industry backs SigmaFusion for automotive applications

​Leti, a CEA Tech institute, announced that it embedded its SigmaFusion algorithms into Infineon hardware approved for the automotive industry. The advance, unveiled at the ITS conference in June 2017, is a world-first that will also pave the way for opportunities in other industries.

Published on 11 September 2017

SigmaFusion, Leti's data fusion system, was successfully embedded into Infineon's Aurix microcontrollers, the first time SigmaFusion has been executed on hardware designed for automotive applications. "In general, the fusion of data from environmental sensors requires huge processing power, something that is totally incompatible with automotive safety standards, which call for simple, reliable, and robust equipment with redundant processors," said a researcher.

The successful execution of SigmaFusion on a hardware platform that meets the highest standards for reliability was made possible by a new arithmetic protected by several patents. It enables the Bayesian fusion of data using the processor only for entire operations without introducing additional numerical errors.

The ability to execute SigmaFusion on single-core platforms opens the door to applications where security is the main requirement, but also to applications like drones and robots with extremely stringent energy consumption demands.

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