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World PM 2022 Congress & Exhibition

From 10/9/2022 to 10/13/2022
Lyon, France

CEA-Liten will be present at World PM 2022 in Lyon.

Come to meet and to discuss with our experts on stand 117 about our latest innovations in the fields of HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing) and additive manufacturing.

More information about HIP here.

More information about additive manufacturing here.

Our experts interventions :
12/10 at 18h00
​Influence of HIP temperature on the microstructure, tensile strength and impact toughness of dense nitrogen atomised 304L powder
​Bacchetta G.
12/10 at 17h40 
​Short-loop recycling of sintered NdFeB magnets by hydrogen decrepitation.
​Baudry M.
13/10 at 8h50 
​Development of bulk thermoelectric N-type SiGe alloy by laser powder bed fusion
​Soulier M.
12/10 at 11h20 

​Relationship between powder properties and powder layer quality in powder-bed-based additive manufacturing processes.
​Baffie T.
13/10 at 14h30 

​Effect of powder batches and laser power on the microstructure and properties of as-built and heat-treated Laser Powder Bed Fusion CuCrZr samples.
​Burr A.
13/10 at 14h30 
​Numerical modeling of powder spreading in additive manufacturing processes: effects of process parameters and particle size distribution.
​Bioud T.
12/10 at 18h00 
​Net-Shap NdFeB magnets made by Powder Injection Molding: Lowering the organic contamination.
​Tosoni O.
12/10 at 17h20 
​High-coercivity NdFeB Magnets With Laser Powder Bed Fusion Method: impact of scanning strategy
​Delette G.
10/10 à 16h15 
​New Challenges For High Performance Rare Earth Permanent Magnets
​Luca S.
13/10 à 11h40 
​Toward the reduction of Heavy Rare Earth elements in high performance NdFeB permanent magnets by the refinement of the strip cast flakes microstructure

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