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Published on 17 February 2021

​CEA-Liten Videos

Find here CEA-Liten videos.

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VideoTransferring structural electronics technologies with SE2D

VideoPrinting PEMFCs will be the way of the future!

VideoPresentation of the INES, leading solar-energy research

VideoInterview with François Legalland

VideoCEA-Tech, a leading research organisation for power electronics

VideoDevelopping metal additive manufacturing techniques for the energy industry at FAMERGIE

VideoReducing the critical materials in strategic permanent magnets

VideoA dynamic adaptive facade prototype for BIPV

VideoUsing NMR to characterize lithium plating in operando

VideoExploring hot isostatic pressing (HIP) for energy

VideoStudying the integrity of a gas utility network used to carry hydrogen

VideoSetting new records in heterojunction photovoltaic technology

VideoBringing the power converter back as a current inverter

VideoScaling-up single-junction and tandem perovskite technologies for future generations of PV cells

VideoEnsuring better battery safety through enhanced characterization and sizing

VideoDimensioning renewable energy production for district heating networks with EnRSim

VideoDeveloping the gasification of methanization digestate