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Working at CEA-Liten


Published on 29 May 2024


​Whether you’re looking for a post-doc position or a temporary or permanent employment contract in research, engineering, administration, or a support function, you can contribute to accelerating the energy transition and achieving a Net Zero economy. Dive into groundbreaking renewable energy projects, immerse yourself in a fast-paced environment, step inside state-of-the-art facilities, and get involved in international partnerships!

Are you looking for a temporary or permanent contract?


​We have both! Visit the CEA career website and explore opportunities to cre​​ate a Net Zero future. 


Post-doctoral research​

If you're a post-doc student looking for opportunities to do interdisciplinary research in a fast-paced setting, CEA-Liten is the ideal place to conduct original research in the field of renewable energy.

As a post-doc at CEA-Liten, you will be able to take full advantage of the synergies between our labs and with our broader local ecosystem. You will also have access to CEA-Liten’s 10+ world-class labs and technology platforms, not to mention Grenoble’s world-class large scientific instruments: ESRF, one of the world's most powerful synchrotrons, and Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL), home to extremely bright neutron sources for spectroscopy. CEA-Liten also has strong, productive collaborations with some 50 national, European, and international academic laboratories.

We are proud to give junior scientists opportunities to build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills around high-efficiency, low-carbon energy technologies and systems. ​