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Steadysun’s software can make highly accurate solar plant output predictions anywhere in world and in conjunction with any type of technology.

Published on 18 April 2016


Steadysun’s software can make highly accurate solar plant output predictions anywhere in world and in conjunction with any type of technology.


By nature intermittent and irregular, solar energy does not readily lend itself to energy production forecasting. Nonetheless, solar power stations, grid managers, and energy traders need to have this information to run their businesses effectively. Solar energy stakeholders can subscribe to Steadysun’s forecasting service to receive solar energy forecasts targeted to their site and their forecasting needs, with time horizons ranging from several minutes to several days.

Steadysun’s software is the product of five years of R&D. Using images of the sky, meteorological forecasts, satellite images, and actual production data, the software combines statistical and physical models to provide production forecasts accurate to within several percentage points. The software is compatible with all solar technologies (photovoltaic, thermodynamic, concentrator) for use by sites anywhere in the world.

Founded in 2013, Steadysun holds exclusive licenses to two Liten patents and has signed a R&D contract with the institution that allows the company to continue to hone its software. It raised its first €500,000 in mid-2014, followed by € 650,000 in 2015 and already has customers in six European countries.

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