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Apix Technology is helping make multigas analysis easier and more affordable with silicon-based labs-on-chip that are five to ten times more compact than the systems currently available. Ultimately, Apix Technology’s labs-on-chip will cost 10 to 100 times less than competing products.

Published on 15 April 2016

Apix Analytics is facilitating access to multigas analysis with its miniaturized gas-phase chromatography modules, which are two times less expensive and offer ten times greater resolution than laboratory-grade equipment. 

Apix Analytics, founded in 2011, has miniaturized gas-phase chromatography to a point that has never before been achieved—bringing the technique out of the laboratory and into industrial facilities with products simple enough to be operated by any factory worker.

The company is using advanced silicon (NEMS) technologies developed jointly by Leti and Caltech and protected by around fifteen patents. Its modules, which pack in all of the functions in the analysis chain into just 700 cu. cm, are sold to integrators or integrated directly by Apix Analytics into its own analyzers, ChromPix® and MAX One®. Gases can be analyzed continuously on production lines for quality control purposes or in commercial buildings to monitor air quality.

Apix Analytics conducts research via a joint lab with Leti and has customers around the globe, including corporate accounts like Air Liquide, Engie, and Total. 

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