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ALEDIA - 3D LEDs for mobile displays

Aledia, founded in 2011, makes high-power LEDs that provide enhanced luminous efficacy while cutting the cost per lumen by a factor of ten. This is made possible thanks to technology developed from five years of research at Leti.

Published on 15 April 2016

Aledia's brighter and more energy-efficient LEDs could replace current LED technology in mobile displays for smartphones, connected watches, and augmented-reality glasses. 


Aledia, founded in 2011, is developing a 3D LED technology that packs in two major innovations. First, the company's LEDs are made on 200-mm silicon wafers with an ultra-thin nucleation layer, resulting in lower fabrication costs. Second, the LEDs' light-emitting structure is made up of a "forest" of gallium nitride nanowires for very high light emission yields.


These two innovations place Aledia in the pole position for tomorrow's mobile displays. Aledia's LEDs—protected by around 100 patents—are brighter and more energy-efficient than today's liquid-crystal and OLED displays.


Aledia is based on the MINATEC campus and has a joint lab with Leti. The startup is working on new applications like head-up windshield displays for the automotive industry.


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