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WATTALPS - High-performance modular batteries

Published on 28 April 2020

WATTALPS develops and manufactures high-performance lithium batteries for construction and warehouse vehicles, ships, and other special vehicles. The company's batteries offer excellent energy density, safety, battery life, and lifespans.


WATTALPS, founded in 2018, helps special-vehicle manufacturers offer 100% electric versions of their vehicles without compromising on range or performance. The company's modular systems bring development times down threefold compared to competing solutions. They are built on three standard bricks: the batteries themselves, which are made from standard 18650 cells; the heat regulation system; and the computer, which manages connectors, safety, and communications.


Despite record energy densities of up to 300 watt-hours per liter, system safety is ensured by active and passive safety features. A particularly efficient heat regulation system guarantees excellent performance and a long lifespan.


The technology is protected by seven patents, five of which are owned by the CEA. WATTALPS, which addresses the French and other European markets, began manufacturing full production runs in 2019. 

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