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SCINTIL PHOTONICS - Very-high-speed optical transmitters

Published on 28 April 2020

Scintil Photonics develops very-high-speed (800 Gbit/s) optical transmitters for data centers. The company's transmitters are more cost effective, compact, and energy-efficient than competing products. The technology is protected by more than 20 patents.

In theory, integrating III-V (indium phosphide) lasers onto silicon photonic circuits means combining batch microelectronics processes with costly and time-consuming operations on individual units. Scintil Photonics uses only batch processes to manufacture its optical transmitters. This gives the company a unique position on today's market and will shape its future products, which are expected to reach record speeds of 1,600 Gbit/s by 2024.


A Leti spinoff, Scintil Photonics is addressing the data center market. Data centers are hungry for capacity and eager to lower their energy consumption. Ultimately, the company will also equip 5G base stations, high performance computing, and LiDAR sensors. Currently housed on the CEA Grenoble campus, Scintil Photonics has a joint R&D lab with Leti, which is currently laying the groundwork for the company's future generations of transmitters.

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