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ISYBOT-Collaborative robotics

Published on 28 April 2020

Isybot is reinventing industrial tasks like sanding, polishing, and painting with safe, lightweight, easy-to-program robots that can work alone or assist human operators.


Isybot's collaborative robots, or cobots, leverage an actuator technology developed by the CEA that does not require force sensors, making the robots simple, accurate, lightweight, and safe for the operators they assist. The robots are very easy to program. Operators simply "teach" the robot the task to be completed by doing it—no data entry is required. The cobot memorizes the movement and the direction and force applied.


When Isybot was founded in 2016, the company initially focused on industrial sanding, an area in which it already has several customers (the French national rail operator SNCF, Dassault Aviation, and others). Today, the startup intends to make inroads into other applications like polishing, painting, and welding. Whatever the application, Isybot's cobot reduces the risk of repetitive-strain injuries, increases productivity, and makes it easier to hire operators for positions that have become difficult to fill.

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