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Published on 10 September 2019


The CEA Tech showroom has been completely overhauled as part of the Y.SPOT initiative. The new showroom will facilitate networking, showcase past innovation successes, and inspire potential future innovations.

A network of technology showrooms

The first CEA Tech showroom opened on the CEA campus in Grenoble. Since then, CEA Tech tech-transfer platforms have opened in regions across France, and seven of these platforms now have their own showrooms. This network of technology showrooms works closely with the original showroom in Grenoble to bring the organization's prototypes and demonstrator systems to potential partners across France. And the demonstrators are not the only resource shared by the showrooms. The network also runs travelling events and exhibits—all designed to spread the word and get local stakeholders working together to innovate.

Experience the past, present, and future all in one place

The new and improved showroom will do more than just showcase CEA Tech technologies. It will also focus on the innovation potential CEA Tech can bring its partners. Visitor experiences oriented toward long-term partnerships and a shared future are currently under development and will translate into three novel exhibit spaces.

  • Past: This 400 sq. m space, which will eventually be relocated to Y.SPOT, will house the existing showroom demonstrators, but in a new format. Visitors will embark on industry-themed tours (agri-food, road transportation, energy, healthcare, etc.) of a selection of the hundred demonstrators available. The demonstrators will be presented in a context-rich environment that highlights past innovation successes and CEA Tech's tech-transfer capabilities.


  • Present: This new 30 sq. m demonstration space will provide a hands-on learning experience. Visitors will have access to a constantly-evolving exhibit showcasing the latest technologies coming out of CEA labs. This space will be dedicated to CEA Tech partners and the labs producing the technologies on exhibit. It will also be used to host events to designed to give participants a closer look at the technologies.

  • Future: This immersive exhibit space is designed to place visitors in the future through an interactive experience augmented with audio and video content. Visitors will explore the three pillars of the CEA's research strategy—digital, energy, and healthcare—that are helping to drive major transformations in society. The three themes are organized into "constellations" that paint a picture of how working with CEA Tech can help potential partners shape the future.


New exhibit spaces to target a wider audience

In addition to these invitation-only exhibit spaces for current and potential R&D partners, academic partners, and CEA labs, the new and improved showroom will also offer additional outside spaces open to a wider audience. These spaces will present CEA Tech innovations and "living lab" experiments. For example, the area outside of the Maison MINATEC building on the CEA's Grenoble campus is home to a smart building and IoT experiment that includes a demonstration of real-time monitoring of a building. This experiment is just a taste of what is to come, with a much larger, 5,000 sq. m project in the works with our GIANT partners (Atelier Arts et Sciences, Ideas Lab, etc.) for 2021. 

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