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Softica automatic doors light up

​A system that injects light into glass was modified for automatic doors. The doors can now be customized, offering an extremely affordable medium for visual communication. 

Published on 10 January 2019

​Automatic door manufacturer Softica wanted to bring its customers a simple, affordable solution that would enable them to use the surfaces of their doors to communicate. The company asked CEA Tech to help! A light-injection technology initially developed at Liten and now at Leti turned out to be the right choice for Softica's solution.

The technology combines an array of points that serve as pixels and two lines of LEDs on the sides. Patterns whose diameters are cleverly calculated depending on their position with regard to the light source are printed in white ink under the surface of the transparent block. The LED bars installed in the aluminum door frames light up the entire front surface of the matrix.

The technology was tailored to the type and structure of the laminated glass used in Softica's doors. The removable adhesive printed surface offers greater flexibility. Users can simply ink-jet-print a new interface when they want to make a change. The technology was patented and transferred to Softica, which can now offer its customers an affordable solution for turning their automatic doors into custom displays.

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