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Automated biological sample preparation with PEP’s

​The PEP’s automated biological sample preparation kit has been released. The result of three years of research and development backed by the people at Y.SPOT and financed by the Carnot Network, the kit won an “Innovation Best Team Practices” award in the Products and Services category from the Paris Innovation Directors’ Club on September 5, 2019.

Published on 10 September 2019

Currently, blood samples taken for tests like proteomic analyses using mass spectrometry must be prepared manually by professionals. To save time and ensure the reproducibility of these tricky tests, CEA researchers developed a compact, automated blood-sample preparation kit. 

The system consists of a credit-card-sized microfluidic cartridge and an instrument that runs it. Biological reproducibility, repeatability, and depth-of-analysis tests were completed on a functional demonstrator. The tests revealed greater sensitivity and a deeper analysis of biomarkers over manual sample preparation.

In addition, the system is compact enough for point-of-care testing. Blood can be processed immediately, and sample preparation time is just two hours (down from two days). These advantages will pave the way toward much more efficient patient care. The system has garnered interest from labs as a potential tool to assess patient responses to anti-cancer drugs, test for diseases, and discover new biomarkers associated with certain pathologies.

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