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Agro-food industry in the spotlight at CEA Tech workshop

​CEA Tech's research institutes develop technologies that can improve process control in the agro-food industry. A workshop held on September 18 at the CEA Grenoble campus provided expert insights into how.

Published on 18 November 2019

​CEA Tech held a special agro-food industry workshop on September 18. Agronomy and agro-food are not the first industries people associate with CEA Tech; however, the three CEA Tech institutes do develop technologies that can benefit these industries, such as for data-driven industrial process control. The workshop started with talks from specialists (from academia and industry), followed by presentations of around ten projects.

The projects presented address the industrial transformation of food products and, specifically, the creation of a data continuum across this portion of the value chain. The idea is to ensure that the finished product meets all quality specifications (safety, texture, taste, appearance/color) despite the fact that the raw materials and ingredients used vary widely. Workshop participants discovered technologies for the detection of pathogens, VOC (volatile organic compound) measurement, connected packaging, and more. CEA Tech research institutes bring know-how in sensors, connectivity, and artificial intelligence to these technologies. They also leverage their knowledge of miniaturization techniques to develop portable equipment and shorten analysis times.

CEA Tech's presence in regions across France is instrumental in building partnerships with agro-food industry stakeholders. Similar workshops on other topics, like energy, will be held as part of the Y.SPOT initiative.

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