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Battery-based storage

Modelling battery pack performance over time

​A new software application capable of simulating how battery pack components' electrical characteristics will evolve over several years has been developed by Liten, a CEA Tech institute. The software will be useful in accurately predicting battery pack performance over time.

Published on 30 November 2017

Liten's new software can help dimension a lithium-ion-battery-based electricity storage system so that it delivers the performance and lifespan required for its intended use. The software, developed for one of Liten's industrial R&D partners, automatically calculates the ideal configuration. It's that simple!

Liten researchers designed a battery pack with a cooling system and developed modelling software capable of predicting the battery pack's performance over time depending on the number of modules used and the system's usage profile. The software leverages a dynamic electrothermal model that can constantly simulate the temperature of each cell, the current running through it, and the individual aging of each component. The software can also be used to predict the impact on battery pack lifespans of dimensioning factors like the number of modules, temperature, and oil flow. "The lifespan predictions are obtained are robust," said one researcher. "The simulations have given us opportunities to see the effects of antagonistic phenomena caused by a ten-degree rise in cooling fluid temperature, for example." The research is ongoing, with efforts to improve the software by making it more modular.

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