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Software and systems engineering

Bag-Era, bringing critical systems stability

Bag-Era has developed an application that interconnects the components of complex industrial and service systems to ensure that these systems are coherent and robust.

Published on 5 April 2017

Bag-Era was founded in 2016. The company’s platform interconnects all kinds of hardware (robots, machines, motors, sensors, etc.) and software (databases, applications, networked services, user interfaces, etc.) whether or not they are linked via communications networks. Bag-Era’s solution can be implemented on new or existing systems; it is rolled out gradually to ensure that earlier investments keep on delivering long-lasting returns.

The solution serves as a gateway, enabling the development of scenarios that can be upgraded, activated, and modified at any time. The underlying code is easy to develop and maintain. Bag-Era’s platform makes systems more coherent, improves quality, increases productivity, ensures greater upgradeability, and, because the logic is distributed, provides better operating security.

Bag-Era is working with the CEA through R&D contracts and is targeting the smart building, industrial, and healthcare markets.

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