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Making sure biometric identification systems are reliable

​CESTI, the IT security testing center at CEA-Leti, has already earned a strong reputation for its expertise in the security of electronic components and devices. It is now the first testing center in France to certify biometric identification solutions. The first-ever certification was granted following an audit completed in partnership with testing lab ELITT. 

Published on 2 June 2021

​How secure is your smartphone's facial or fingerprint recognition system? The new FIDO Alliance* certification will soon provide additional assurance that your favorite device's biometric authentication system is secure. The FIDO Alliance can certify (or choose not to certify) a system depending on the results of a battery of tests run by laboratories accredited according to the FIDO standard. In 2019 CEA-Leti's CESTI became the first testing center in France to obtain FIDO accreditation for biometric systems in partnership with ELITT.

The FIDO Alliance recently issued its first certification for a facial recognition solution. The tests that led to the certification were conducted by CESTI at CEA-Leti and ELITT. Initially, ELITT was tasked with testing that the device did actually recognize legitimate users and lock unauthorized users out. CESTI at CEA-Leti looked at how robust the system was against a variety of decoys.

The testing center recently petitioned ANSSI** to perform certain tests required by a new remote identity verification standard.


*Fast Identity Online

**France's national agency for IT security

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