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Drug vectorization technology could soon be ready for scaleup

CEA Tech’s Occitanie regional office recently created NanO'up, a new medtech platform at its facility in Labège. 

Published on 4 February 2021

NanO'up, financed in part by the Occitanie regional government, will nurture medical technologies to maturity. The idea is to provide a collaborative R&D environment that will unite stakeholders from academic research labs and industrial companies around medical innovation to drive medtech growth at the regional and national levels.

One of the key technologies NanO'up will leverage is  the high-potential Lipidots® drug vectorization technology developed by CEA Tech institute CEA-Leti.

To develop a drug delivery system that is effective in terms of treatment, the right composition, manufacturing process, and administration route must be found. The kind of solution NanO'up will focus on could target cancer treatment, medical diagnostics, gene therapy, and vaccines.

NanO'up will be open to all academic research and industrial medtech stakeholders interested in scaling up nanovectorization technologies. 

NanO'up's first partnership is with Toulouse-based startup Vnano, which manufactures pharmaceutical clinical batches. Biopharmaceutical companies can thus count on NanO'up for end-to-end R&D services for nanoformulated products.

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