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CEA-Leti earns international recognition

The fruit of thirteen years of R&D, the L-UTSOI transistor model developed by CEA-Leti was recently officially recognized as an international standard by the Compact Model Coalition (CMC).

Published on 3 April 2020

Integrated circuit designers use software that simulates the individual characteristics of each component so that the system can then be modeled and evaluated. CEA-Leti first developed a simulator for FDSOI transistors, the institute's historic technology, back in 2007. This simulator, called L-UTSOI, was subsequently implemented by several manufacturers, including STMicroelectronics and Samsung.

Recently, L-UTSOI was officially recognized by the Si2 Compact Model Coalition (CMC), a working group that selects, manages, and promotes standard semiconductor devices. CMC uses a four-step process to validate a model's accuracy and compliance with CMC recommendations.
"Standard" status is a guarantee of the longevity of a model in CAD tools and an assurance to users that the ongoing development work required to continue to meet users' needs will be completed. L-UTSOI is the first standard model to come out of a French lab. It is also currently the only model capable of describing the operation of FDSOI transistors with two conduction channels.

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